Homemade Dumplings

dfaDumplings are tasty treats, a perfect appetizer or can be served as a main dish. My mom is the master of making dumplings in my whole family, she has been making them since she was a kid.  Dumplings are like my energy source when I was little-better than chocolate bars. I don’t know when eating dumpling everyday for breakfast became my habit – it started when I was a kid. I never got tired of eating dumplings even though I ate it for about 10-13 years. I really think that it tastes that good or I am just accustomed to it?klj Dumplings serve as a great significance in Chinese New Year because Chinese people including my family believe that it brings good fortune when you eat it during New Year’s Eve. I suspect the realness behind it because it has never brought me good fortune. Also dumplings symbolize reunion and happiness. My mom always said that the whole family reuniting and eating dumplings is the biggest happiness in life.  Anyways, this is my first time trying to make my own dumplings. After 2.5 hour of dumpling battle I managed to make my own delicious dumplings. Overall it was a big mess but it was also a great opportunity to be with my mom.


Warmth Homemade Dumpling

Preparation time: 1 hour                            Makes: 100 dumplings


100 wonton wrappers

2 pound of ground porkadf

1 pound of shrimp

2 tablespoon of minced ginger

4 cloves garlic

2 table spoon of soy sauce

4 tablespoon of salt

4 tablespoon of ground pepper

2 tablespoon of oil

3 tablespoon of greed onion


1 washes and finely chops green onion and shrimp

2. in a large bowl mix pork, shrimp, ginger, garlic, oil, pepper, salt, soy sauce (filling for dumpling)

3. Place about 5ml of pork filling onto a wonton wrapper. Moisten edges with water and fold the edges in half. Then fold it again. Repeat this step 100 times to make 100 dumplings

4. To cook the dumpling, boil a large pot of water. After the water comes to a boil place the dumpling in the boil water and cook for 15-20minutes. Stir to prevent sticking

5. Garnish dumpling with green onion. Season dumpling with soy sauce or hot sauce.












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