California Rolls !!!!!!!


California rolls are very popular around the world except Japan. The first California roll was made in a small Tokyo neighbourhood of LA sometime in the 1960s. People tended to have a difficult time biting into dried seaweed which is typically used to roll sushi. Due to this problem California rolls are made inside out.


4 sheets dried seaweed (nori)
500mL sushi rice
1/2 avocado
125mL imitation crabmeat
15mL Japanese mayonnaise
3mL salt
15mL sesame seeds, toasted
15mL black sesame seeds, toasted
75mL Japanese rice vinegar mixed with 10mL sugar (to season rice)

How to cook

1.Peel an avocado and cut it into strips.
2.Put imitation crab in a bowl and mix with salt and mayonnaise.
3.Cover a bamboo mat with plastic wrap.
4.Put a sheet of dried seaweed on top of the mat.
5.Spread sushi rice on top of the seaweed and press firmly.
6.Sprinkle sesame seeds over the sushi rice.
7.Turn the sushi layer over so that the seaweed is on top.
8.Place avocado and crab lengthwise on the seaweed.
9.Roll the bamboo mat forward, pressing the ingredients inside the cylinder-shaped sushi.
10.Press firmly the bamboo mat with hands, theIMG-20130507-00254n remove the rolled sushi.









Japanese Style Rice


375mL Japanese rice
425mL Water

How to cook

1.Put the rice in a bowl and wash with cold water.
2.Repeat washing until the water becomes clear.
3.Drain the rice in a colander and set aside.
4.Place the rice in a pan or rice cooker and add water.
5.Use just enough water to cover the rice- don’t fill entire pot.
6.Let the water soak in the water at least 30min. 1 hour ideal.
7.If you are cooking the rice in a pan, cover the pan with lid and bring to boil over high heat.
8.Once the water boils, turn the heat down very low and cook about 15-20 min. Until the water is almost gone.
9.Remove the pan from the heat and let it steam for 10-15 min before serving.






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