Braised Chicken with Soy Source ( Peng Liang 12 )


I dont know what should i cook for doing the cooking project. I want to eat chicken today, then i made Braised Chicken with Soy Source.

How i made this?

1) Go buy a chicken and clean it with water
2) Prepare:
– 1 onion (white)
– Chicken (chopped into small pieces)
– Soy Source
– 4 square of Sufu
– 3 spoons of dark soy source
– Salt
– Sugar
– Cooking Wine

Mix 3 spoons of soy source, 4 square of Sufu, 3 spoons of dark soy source, sugar into one bowl, then put it the chopped chicken and mixed it up. Wait for 20 minutes…

Start to cook now!

1) heat up your wok
2) put in oil, wait 10 seconds
3) take the source that was mixed with the chicken away from the bowl
4) put the chicken into the wok
5) cooking wine
6) stir-fry the chicken for 5 minutes
7) add some source if there are no source in the wok
8) add in all the source after 5 minutes
9) add in water
10) cooked for 15 minutes
11) put in the salt
12) put in the onion
13) put the cooked chicken on the plate
14) done

This is how i make it, hope you like this.

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