Intalan’s Special Sauce

Henry Intalan. Grade 12

this special recipe was invented by my grandmother that was passed down to my mother and to me eventually. my family and visitors love it so much, they would ask for second servings! its a must that we prepare this special sauce whenever there’s a gathering in our house. this special kind of recipe will always be present during birthday celebrations or holidays or if you crave spaghetti so much make this now! me and my mom usually make large portions of this sauce, but can be cook partly.

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1kg Ground Beef

500g sliced hot dog (coins)

388g tomato paste

1kg tomato sauce

550g banana ketchup

1cup sugar

1cup water

2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper

1pc sliced chorizo de bilbao(or Chinese sausage if you fail to find one)

1pc whole onion

1 bulb of garlic

Prep time: 10-15 min

Cooking time: 20-25 min

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Feeds: 10-15 people


1. mince onion and garlic and saute in a large saucepan until golden brown

2. add ground beef until no longer pink or for 10 min

3. add hot dog and chorizo de bilbao or Chinese sausage

4. add tomato sauce, tomato paste, ketchup, pepper, salt, water, sugar.

5. bring it to a boil for 10-15 min and stir occasionally to prevent from burning or scorching

6. serve with spaghetti and enjoy!

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