Homemade Hot Dry Noodles

Recipe: (4 servings)
Carrot 1/2
Oil 20 mL
Sesame oil 15mL
Green onion 10g
Sesame paste 50g
Pepper 2g
Soy sauce 7 tbsp

*you can add any extra ingredients you like, for example hot sauce if you like it spicy, or ham and bean sprouts and so on.

1. Bring the water to a boil in a cooking pot. Then add the noodles in the cooking pot and turn the heat to medium. Drain the noodles when it’s done.
2. Wash can peel the carrot and green onions. Chop the green onions and then cut the carrot into small squares. Put the carrots into boiling water for about two to three minutes and then drain them.
3. Put the sesame paste into a bowl, add sesame oil and stir, then add a little bit of hot water, stir again. Repeat the step until the sesame paste and oil are well mixed.
4. Add the pepper, soy sauce into the sesame sauce and mix them together.
5. Place the noodles into a plate, add the mixed sesame sauce and then sprinkle with green onions and carrot squares. Mix well, and ta-dah! It’s done.

Hot dry noodle


Hi! I’m Emily. I grew up in my hometown Wuhan, China. This Hot dry noodles is one of the most characteristic dishes of Wuhan, especially for breakfast. Every morning, there are stands along the streets that sale a variety of breakfast, and the Hot dry noodles is the most popular one. The basic ingredient is the sesame sauce and people can choose to add different extra ingredients into the sesame sauce. It is healthy, fast, tasty, filling, and easy to make, which make it the perfect choice for the people who are hurrying to work or school. I also, had the Hot noodles almost every morning before I went to school, along with soybean milk on the side. It seems like you will never get enough of this delicious food.


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