JR. LINKS Remote Learning Guide Week 11 – JUNE 8–12th, 2020

Hi everyone, here is this week’s learning guide. As per usual, do as much as you are comfortable with.

Optional On-Site learning schedule June 8-12th 2020

Hi JR. LINKS 2019- 2020, here is when I will be available on site. I rearranged some blocks so please use this new schedule for this week. Please ignore Skills Blocks. You can attend my Jr.Links time slots. Hope to see you this week otherwise we will continue our learning remotely on Teams. Leigh’s on-site schedule is different. Please connect with her directly to confirm meeting time.




  1. https://blogs.vsb.bc.ca/kshen/
  2. Money Matter Math Package (most students are on this package)
  3. Drive Through Math Package (JT and NC are on this package, menu on pg.30)
  4. Write Me a Note Lesson 12 USEFUL ABBREVIATIONS pg. 35-36
  5. Covid Disaster Catcher
  6. Covid Word Search
  7. Shen – Core Competencies Self Assessment FORM
  8. Sample Chores List For Teens

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