JR. LINKS Remote Learning Guide Week 8 – MAY 19 – 22, 2020

Hi everyone here is Week 8’s Remote Learning Guide:

As always do what you can, everyone’s situation is different during this unprecedented time. At the same time, challenge your self and be proud of your work and efforts.


  • THURSDAY MAY 21st, 2020 @ 2pm – ZOOM Meeting for All Jr. LINKS students, look out for the invite in your E-mail and on TEAMS.
  • Sundays – PE logs due to Mr. Keerklan (NC)
  • Weekly Attendance:
    • Complete your weekly JR. LINKS attendance by logging into TEAMS–>Attendance channel. MONDAY/TUESDAY each week.
    • ALL other ELECTIVEs classes will mark student for “Engagement” you must interact with your teachers at least ONCE PER WEEK to be marked “P – for present”, if you do not participate you will get a “D – for disengaged” and counsellors and ADMIN will have to follow up. Please Check with Electives teachers in by Thursday/Friday @ 3PM.


  1. Money Matter Math Package (most students are on this package)
  2. Drive Through Math Package (JT and NC are on this package, menu on pg.30)
  3. Write Me a Note Lesson 8 – Telephone Messages pg. 22-23
  4. My Lock Down Diary pg. 11-12
  5. LINKS: Covid Coloring Sheets: “Wash Your Hands” “Cover Your Cough” “Keep Your Germs to Yourself”
  6. Sample Chores List For Teens


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