WEEK 7 – JR. LINKS Learning Guide – MAY 11-15

Hi everyone, here is this week’s remote learning guide. Please do what you can depending on your unique situation and your family dynamic at this time.

Weekly PARTICIPATION Attendance:

  • Complete your weekly JR. LINKS attendance by logging into TEAMS–>Attendance channel. MONDAY/TUESDAY each week.
  • ALL other ELECTIVEs classes will mark student for “Engagement” you must interact with your teachers at least ONCE PER WEEK to be marked “P – for present”, if you do not participate you will get a “D – for disengaged” and counsellors and ADMIN will have to follow up. Please Check with Electives teachers in by Thursday/Friday @ 3PM.


  • Check TEAMS for due dates.
  • Please Check MyEd for TERM 3 Interim Report card and your Privisional Final Mark (PFM) published on May 8th, 2020.
  • FRIDAY MAY 15TH, 2020 is Pro-D Day
  • SUNDAY MAY 17, 2020 – Mr. Keerklan’s PE CLASS, your weekly activity logs due today – Nicholas
  • THURSDAY MAY 21, 2020 @ 2pm – LINKS ZOOM LIVE meeting. Check your email for invite and password.


  1. WEEK 7 – JR. LINKS Learning Guide – MAY 11-15
  2. Money Matter Math Package (most students are on this package)
  3. Drive Through Math Package (JT and NC are on this package, menu on pg.30)
  4. Compromise Worksheet
  5. Write Me a Note Lesson 7 – Short Notes pg.20-21
  6. My Lock Down Diary pg. 9-10
  7. Sample Chores List For Teens

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