WEEK 3-JR. LINKS Learning Guide Tuesday April 13, 2020 – Friday April 17, 2020

Hello Jr. LINKS students and families,

Below is a Learning Guide for this week. If you cannot get everything done, don’t worry.

I know each family will have unique challenges and there is a lot going on right now for all our families. Please feel free to adapt the schedule to suit your needs, which every works best for your Jr. LINKS student and for you family.

Also starting this week, please remember to do ATTENDANCE by filling out the form in the link below by MONDAY or TUESDAY EACH WEEK. This must be done at least once per week otherwise, the student will be considered absent and follow up will have to happen from the school.




Please see attachments:

  1. Link for weekly attendance. Please complete by MON/TUESDAY each week.
  2. Money Matter Math Package (most students are on this package)
  3. Drive Through Math Package (JT and NC are on this package menu on pg.30)
  4. Write Me a Note Lesson 2 – To Do List pg. 10-13
  5. My Lock Down Diary Booklet
  6. Covid – 19 Time Capsule Booklet
  7. Sample Chores For Teens
  8. LINKS Learning Guide April 14-17 word
  9. LINKS Learning Guide April 14-17 pdf



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