Planning 10 & Art

Ms. Best (

Eric Hamber Secondary School, 5025 Willow Street, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 3S1, Phone 604-713-8927

Planning 10 will help you continue the development of skills you will need to become self-directed individuals. This course will help you to set goals, make thoughtful decisions and provide you with practical skills to continue your education, employment, finance and personal health development.
Students taking Visual Art 10 will develop a working knowledge of the Elements and Principles of design through creative exploration of a variety of mediums. Responding to art and discovering a variety styles and artists will inspire students towards a general appreciation of art. Students will begin to perceive and respond to images with an awareness of the sources, techniques, and strategies used towards their development and design.
Key Topics will include:

·      Education

·      Careers

·      Finances

·      Personal Health


·      Skills Development: Drawing, Painting, Collage, Bookmaking, Papier Mache, Remixing, Fiber Arts, Public art and working with a of variety of other mediums.

·      Design: Elements and Principles of Design, Colour Theory.

·      Art History: Discussing relevant artists and art movements

·      Art Criticism: Developing visual arts vocabulary to facilitate analyzing and appreciating your own art and that of others.

Daily Supplies needed:
·      Binder (with paper)

·      Pens and Pencils

·      Agenda

·      Employability    20%

§  This mark is determined by performance in the following areas: attendance, punctuality, responsibility, cooperation, Teamwork, initiative, adaptability, organization, problem solving, and productivity.

·      Course Work    80%

§  This mark may include but is not limited to the following: quizzes, tests, note book projects, presentations, reflections, journals, work sheets, presentation, research, written summaries, self portraits, contributions to class and small group discussions, home work, and essays.

Classroom Expectations:
·      Create a Positive, Respectful & Safe Environment.

·      Students are challenged to be open to a variety of different materials, artist and ideas.

·      Assignments must be handed in complete and on time to obtain mark.

·      Student attendance, punctuality, and participation essential for grade.

·      Students are responsible for making up missed work; obtaining class notes and completing missed assignments. Marks will be deducted for assignment handed in late.

·      Attendance is important and will be recorded each period. If you are away you must provide a written note within 1 week of the absence.

·      Cheating and plagiarism – please see your agenda for the policy on academic honesty.

·      Classroom behavior – students must demonstrate a mature and respectful manor towards their peer, teacher and guests in the classroom.

·      Please conserve material and recycle whenever possible.



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