Minutes October 24, 2018

Read which clubs + groups received some $20,000 in Lottery Grant money!

Present:   Sheril Gelmon, Ramandeep Kaurminhas (PAC Co-Chairs) Lara Spence (Communications/Social Media), Jo-Ann Gordon, Wendy Sinclair (Co-Secretaries), Sheri Wiwchar (Co-Fundraising Coordinator), Damian Wilmann (Principal), Corrine Kinnon (Vice-Principal), James Francom, Richard Edge, Dustin Keller, Tim Ao, 20 parents and 6 students presenting.

The meeting began at 7:00 pm with approval of minutes from Sept. 19 meeting by Jo-Ann Gordon and seconded by Lara Spence.

Principal’s Report – Damian Wilmann

Corrine Kinnon, Vice-Principal – Gr. 9 and 11 students, introduced herself.

School Update –

– new school indigenous logo with trickster raven character will join the Joker character (Mr. Keller liaised with artists from the Musqueam band to produce the art work)

– posting of report cards on the My Education Student/Family Portal has begun

– Hallowe’en Dance was held Tues. Oct. 23

– Gr. 11 & 12 Movie Night – Mon. Oct. 29

– Filipino Parent Workshops – Oct. 30 (morning) and Nov. 2 (evening)

Mini-School Info Night – Nov. 5

– Gr. 9 Immunizations – Nov. 6

– Pro-D Day – Friday Nov. 9 and no school on Monday Nov. 12 (Remembrance Day)

Treasurer’s Report – Tracey Santos

Amounts in the following accounts, as of today’s meeting:

PAC Gaming Account $28,960.16

Legacy Account $4,448.60

Consultative Committee Account $7,168.18

Fundraising – Sheri Wiwchar, Lara Spence

Purdy’s Chocolates – Christmas orders by Nov. 28, with pickup at the school Dec. 10, 11. Web link will be sent to parents and/or paper copy going to students. PAC receives 25% of every order and parents receive 25% off card to be used at the Purdy’s Factory Store on Kingsway (good until Oct. 31, 2019).  https://fundraising.purdys.com/join.aspx/658039-59080 

Gift card shopping Fundscrip – Funds raised go to PAC for distribution (Mini also using Fundscrip). https://www.fundscrip.com/support-a-group/8ST8JJ 2-10% kickback to JO PAC. Gift cards come to your house by mail. Can order for recipients across country. Buy now if you want to use for your own holiday shopping.

Presentations by Clubs and Groups for Gaming Grant money:

Grad Committee (Sharween Siddeeq – sponsor teacher)

asking for $1,500 (Grad Breakfast) and $3,000 (Dry Grad) – agreed to give $4,500

– Grad Breakfast includes Celebration of Excellence, Grad Requirements and Gr. 8 letter reading

– Dry Grad (May 15) includes Mystery buses (240 grads taken to different fun venues), dinner and inflatable games in the gym (costs between $10,000 – $12,000)

Eclectic Music Club (Jason De Couto – sponsor teacher)

asking for $750 – agreed to give $250

– safe space for students to learn about music from around the world

– beginning with making indigenous set of drums

Filming – Camera Equipment (Pat Lee – sponsor teacher, benefit to many across school)

asking for $4,500 – agreed to give $3,000

– needing 2 DSL video cameras and a Sony broadcast camera ($1,300) to be used by film club, tech crew, athletics, Mini, and teachers as well

JO Athletics (Pat Lee – sponsor teacher)

asking for $5,000 – agreed to give $4,500

– to cover referees, equipment, jerseys

– would like to be considered recurring funding from PAC each year

Creative Writing Club (James Francom – sponsor teacher)

asking for $760 – agreed to give $760

– to help cover costs of mentor from UBC

online art space and magazine available to all students in the school (JO-Canvas) – they also have instagram

Band(s) / Tech Crew (Jason De Couto, Dustin Keller – sponsor teachers)

asking for $10,000 – agreed to give $5,500

– new sound system is needed in the auditorium for band and choir practices and concerts

– speakers are dead and in the wrong places

Jr., Sr. and Learning Assistance Life Skills Program – The Art of Belonging (Tim Ao – sponsor teacher, Roz MacLean – visiting artist) – asking for $825 – agreed to give $825

– have received $1800+ funds from ArtStarts and require $825 – leftover supplies remain at the school; we funded them last year. Amazing project. Will try to get photos from last year. Very good for school connections and connections for the Life Skills children. Artist in residence from community to help (Roz).

Sr. Learning Assistance Classroom (Gabriella Lappano – sponsor teacher)

asking for $614 – agreed to give nothing as conflict with gaming funds

– exploring identities through art – 10 weeks project, with books produced at the end

Grade 8 Welcome Week (Richard Edge – sponsor teacher)

asking for $800 – agreed to give $800

– happened the 2nd week of school

– would like to be a recurring funding event

Safe Space (Richard Edge – sponsor teacher)

asking for $200 – agreed to give $100

– lunch time 2x/week – playing games and having snacks

Link Crew (Richard Edge – sponsor teacher)

asking for $200 – agreed to give nothing as receive money from Student Council

– spirit days – seasonal days – movie dates

Here4Peers (Richard Edge – sponsor teacher, Ashley Currie VPD)

asking for $500 – agreed to give $250

– Mental Health Awareness programs

Youth Club A and B (Richard Edge, Tony Steinruck – sponsor teachers, Kirsten Hermanson (SACY)

asking for $200 and $200 – agreed to give $100 and $100

– at risk students identified by counsellors – meet for 10 weeks after school

– in conjunction with SACY

Fitness Club (Don Jabillo – sponsor teacher)

asking for $1,500 – agreed to give $750

– maintenance needed for current equipment (spin bikes and treadmill) and to buy new pieces

Dissection Club (Sommerfeld – sponsor teacher)

asking for $180 – agreed to give $180

– covers half the cost of supplies for students; teacher covering the rest. New club at school.

Safe Teen (Don Jabillo and Ben – sponsor teacher)

asking for $3,500 – agreed to give $3,500

– anti-violence program for Gr. 10’s ($404 + tax/8 classes for 2 sessions each); we fund this each year. Amazing program.

Next Meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm. with the next PAC meeting to be held Wednesday November 28, 2018 at 7pm in the Library.

Social Media/Staying in Touch

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