Minutes May 23, 2018

Present:  Sheril Gelmon (Co-Chair), Lara Spence (Communications/Social Media), Jo-Ann Gordon and Wendy Sinclair (Co-Secretaries), Tracey Santos (Treasurer), Sheri Wiwchar (Co-Fundraising Coordinator), Damian Wilmann (Principal), Anne Alvares (Counselling Dept. Head) and 5 parents.

Minutes from April 18 amended for spelling of Sharween S. (Teacher). Sheril then approved the minutes and Tracey seconded it.

  1. Damian Wilmann – Principal

JO Parent Week-at-a-glance emailed to parents has all the May and June dates including:

June 5 – Grad (May 30 gowns given out)

June 7 – Music Concert (Mr. Tsang’s final one) 7:00 pm

June 21 – Awards Ceremony 1:00 pm – all welcome (Athletics, Academic and Service Awards presented)

Numeracy Exams (Gr. 10, 11 and 12) – need it in order to graduate (RM = requirement met or RNM = requirement not met; no grades given)

School Fees – no changes next year (2018-2019) to supplemental or general fees (stay same as this year) – Approved by PAC

VSB 2018-2019 Calendar emailed to parents and handed out at meeting.

Draft of first year of 3 Year Plan for JO School (2017-2020) passed around to look at.

Counsellors for next year – Gr. 8-11 (one counsellor per grade); Gr. 12 (divided into 4 groups among 4 counsellors). Any student can see any counsellor they like for social or general concerns. Only have to see assigned counsellor for course selection and graduation.

IDS Fair – students initiating projects (included digital immersion, STEM and engineering students). Very successful.

PAC Staff Appreciation Lunch (May 17) was well done. Thank you to PAC for hosting.

Water Cooler – Anne Montgomery wanting to know initial cost of the cooler, and when and how to maintain it (changing filter, etc.). Mr. Wilmann to check into this.

  1. Anne Alvares (Counselling Dept. Head)

How to inspire your Teen(s) to have a memorable summer!

  1. Explore a new interest or hobby. Ask them what they’re interested in and support them with whatever it is. VLN or VSB summer programs aren’t all academic.
  2. Make time to socialize. Connect with them, in person.
  3. Get active. Do something outdoors as a family – walk, swim, hike, bike.
  4. Get a job or volunteer experience. It develops their confidence, makes them some money and gives them experience.
  5. Time for creating family memories. See extended family and make time to connect informally.
  6. Auditorium (Lighting, Sound)

Jeff Spence is in contact with the supplier for Lighting in the auditorium. It will be installed before the end of the school year. Sound and Stagecraft will be looked at next year.

  1. DPAC – Suzanne Smythe

Suzanne’s report along with drafts of the 2018-2019 Preliminary Budget Proposals Report, and Preliminary 2018-2019 Annual Budget, and A Breakdown of B.C. Class Sizes are on the JO PAC website.

Thursday May 24 – DPAC meeting.

Monday May 28 – 7:00 pm VSB board meeting at 1580 W. Broadway

Thursday May 31 – 6:30 pm SACY Workshop “Adult Toolkit: Understanding Youth and Substance Use” at Tupper Secondary.

May 28 – June 1 Bike to School Week (JO is registered)

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Tracey Santos

Amounts in the following accounts, as of today’s meeting:

  1. PAC Gaming Account $3,434
  2. Legacy Account $4,946
  3. Consultative Account $7,164

Money still to come out for scholarships ($2,000 from Gaming and $500 from Legacy).

Pre-paying for Grad 2019 ($3,000 from Consultative) leaving 10% to carry forward for next year.

$11,000 was donated to the Auditorium (from Legacy)

$600 for PAC Teacher’s Appreciation Lunch (from Consultative)

5 x $500 PAC Scholarships (2 Mini, 1 Legacy, 2 PAC) will be awarded at the Grad on June 5th. Lara Spence to hand them out at the ceremony.

Teacher’s Appreciation Lunch: donations from local merchants (Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s, Buy Lo, Dairy Queen, Starbucks) and parents. Twelve prizes were randomly given to staff who attended the lunch. Leftover food was given to the Skills group.

Safe Teen (anti-violence program for Gr. 10’s) is becoming part of the VSB curriculum. As other Districts pay for it, we would like to ask Suzanne to check into VSB paying for John Oliver Sec. School as well. This would save PAC from paying $2,400 annually.

  1. Graduation/School Leaving Ceremony – Tuesday, June 5

Each Grad receives 2 tickets to the ceremony, and then can purchase 2 tickets for $10 each. If you would like more than 4 tickets, please talk to Teresa in the office.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm. PAC Social on Wed. June 13 at 7:00 pm at the Indochine Kitchen & Bar, 6231 Fraser Street. Please email Lara Spence at lara@laraspence.com if you would like to join other parents for a social end of the year. PAC elections for next year to take place during this time.

To stay in touch and help learn about/share the happenings at John Oliver, please:

‘Like’ John Oliver on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/john.oliver.secondary/)

Follow on Twitter (@jo school)

Read the John Oliver PAC blog (John Oliver PAC blog (http://jo-online.vsb.bc.ca/pac)

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