May 2019 Minutes

Details on how to donate to JO via School Cash Online (get tax receipt!), update on end of year dates/events, parent social June 19! Lots of websites to keep track of to see the great stuff happening at JO.

Present:       Sheril Gelmon (PAC Chair), Ramandeep Kaurminhas, Lara Spence (Communications/Social Media), Jo-Ann Gordon, Wendy Sinclair (Co-Secretaries), Michelle Koski (Treasurer), Sheri Wiwchar (Co-Fundraising Coordinator), Damian Wilmann (Principal), Richard Edge (Gr. 10 Counsellor), and 6 parents.

The meeting began at 7:00 pm with approval of minutes from April 17 meeting by Jo-Ann Gordon and seconded by Wendy Sinclair. Introductions around the table, by all present.

  1. Grad Committee Fundraiser– 2 students

– tickets for sale (online only) to support Grad Prom June 21st

– Whitecaps vs. Toronto 7:00 pm game on Friday May 31st

– $30 tickets (regular $50) with $6 from each ticket going to Grad Committee


  1. Principal’s Report – Damian Wilmann

School Dates of Interest –

– May 30 – IDS Fair – student presentations – parents welcome from 4:00-5:30 pm

– June 3 – Grad Rehearsal (obtain Grad cap and gown)

– June 4 – Grad at the Chan Centre (Thanks to PAC Executive member, Wendy Sinclair, for taking 3 hours to attend this event and hand out scholarships on our behalf!)

– June 13, 14, 17, 18 – Double Blocks (writing final exams, giving final presentations, completing final assignments)

– June 20 – last day of classes – Awards Ceremony in the afternoon (academic & athletic) – parents are welcome

– June 21-27 – Numeracy Exam – Gr. 10’s and some Gr. 12’s

– June 21 – Grad Prom

– June 24 – last Eng. 12 Provincial Exam

– June 27 – Report Cards online

– June 28 – last day of school for Staff

Fees – increase for Art 9, Art 10; Graphics courses (new); Mini School Fees for some field trips; Grad Dinner & Dance

– PAC requested an option to have students not get/pay for Student Agenda book as some students do not want/use them; Mr. Wilmann said he would take it under consideration; Grade 12 students do not receive a Student Agenda.

– District Budget – review by end of June; all parents should review and share thoughts with VSB

– Dry Grad was successful, with many parent volunteers helping

– Choir/24 Carrots/Drumline trip to Whistler Cantando Music Festival in late April was successful; 41 students attended; Drumline won gold!

– Second Year School Plan – work in progress

– Timetable building is happening – it’s complicated!

  1. Mental Health – Richard Edge, JO Counsellor

– JO counselling department – 4 counsellors for Gr. 8, 9, 10, 11 and the 4 share Gr. 12’s

– outlined resources available to students and parents

– mental health is important; as is physical health, spiritual health

– becoming more difficult for school to be primary case managers as there are more students accessing counsellors for stress about going to class, not doing homework, not talking to classmates, taking exams, etc.

– CYMH – Children & Youth Mental Health and Pacific Spirit/Ravensong – walk-in clinics for self-referral for mental health support – students are seen by clinician who assesses them -they are then referred back to school or put on a waitlist (2 months) to see a psychologist

– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – helps students deal with anxiety and depression

– Anxiety BC – has a teen section on website; review if interested

– many free apps available – Spotify has a meditation section

– provided many handouts about “Thinking Traps”, “Stages of Change”, etc. (will soon be available on PAC website)

– the more adults involved with students, then students can be reached

– parents are welcome to meet with counsellors and teachers (book appointment) to support and inquire about students

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Michelle Koski

– I have filed the March bingo report (b/c we had a gaming license) to the provincial government and will be working with Tracey to ensure that the gaming report and application are taken care of for fiscal 2019/2020.

Gaming Account (government lottery funds with special spending criteria) –

In April the PAC executive authorized the cancelling of the two June 2019 scholarship cheques that have not yet been cashed (students were contacted before cancelling).  On May 21, 2019, I arranged to have stop payment on the two cheques that were issued last year.  There was a $10 fee for each cheque to be cancelled. This was automatically taken from the gaming account fund. Total in the gaming account is $7,835.03.  In September 2019, $900 will be given to Welcome Week, and $3,000 will be allocated to Grad 2020. But we will also get more funds (very likely; no reason to think we won’t).

Legacy Account Fund (money raised in 100 Year Anniversary, only for legacy projects) –

Total amount in the legacy fund is $5,849.53 with $850 of that for the Ken McLeod Legacy fund. Another $200 has been added to the Ken McLeod Legacy fund, resulting in $1,000 Scholarship for this year.

Consultative Account (PAC raised) –

Total amount in the Consultative Account is $8,678.72

Since the last report in April there have been deposits from:

  • Purdy’s Chocolates – $346.64 (hooray for our fundraising)
  • Fundscrip (our gift card fundraising) – $16.25
  • Return of Safeteen funds – $532

Withdrawals were $700 cheque to Tracey Santos to buy food for the Staff Appreciation lunch.

It was agreed at the meeting to give $3,500 to the Drama Studio for portable lighting. Ms. Enthoven estimates needing $7,125. The remainder of funds to come from John Oliver Secondary School.

– Donating via School Cash Online

There is also a report from Luisa for online donations via School Cash Online to the PAC for $100 and $5. Because School Cash Online issues instant tax receipts, we encourage its use for donations from the public, relatives, etc. The choices for donation recipients are S (look under S for Secondary) – John Oliver Secondary, John Oliver Secondary PAC, and John Oliver Secondary – Scholarships. To donate via School Cash Online:

How to Use for Specific Donations: If someone wants to donate to the music program (as was the $100 was for music fundraiser), then they need to clearly state that in the donation exercise and choose John Oliver Secondary (but mention “for Music Department” in the notes). Lara did a test donation of $5 in February 2019 to the John Oliver Secondary account, specifying John Oliver Mini, and the funds were received.  For Mini donations, donate to the John Oliver Secondary recipient but indicate ‘For Mini’ very clearly and let Ms. Lauman/Luisa in the office know.

Scholarships – to be presented at Grad on June 4 by Wendy Sinclair (6:30 – 9:00 pm)

5 x $500 PAC Scholarships (2 Mini, 1 Legacy, 2 PAC) are awarded at Grad and this year 1 x $1,000 one-time Ken McLeod Scholarship.

This will withdraw $2,000 from Gaming account and $1,500 from Legacy account.

  1. Social for all Parents – June 19th at 7:00 pm at Los Cuervos Taqueria & Cantina (603 Kingsway)

– Chander Pathak (parent at JO) co-owns this restaurant so we thought to have event there; 2nd year for having a PAC-fun event to thank each other for efforts for the school. Mr. Wilmann will attend, and we will invite the VPs and other staff, too.

– email by June 16th if you can attend!

  1. PAC Fundraising – by Eating Out! Reminder

– Don’t forget: All staff, alumni, student families and friends can raise money for JO PAC by eating at four Vancouver restaurants, owned by JO Dad, Chander Pathak. If you eat at Deacon’s Corner (Kits and Gastown), Los Cuervos (Fraser/Kingsway) and/or Wolf and Hound (Broadway/Alma) and bring (or get your student to bring) paid restaurant receipts to JO PAC (write on it if you’re student+grade, alumni, staff, ‘friend of JO’) and put in orange envelope in PAC box in office, or mail to school office) then Chander will donate 15% of the amount to JO PAC.

Next Meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm, with the next PAC meeting to be held Wednesday September 25, 2019 at 7pm in the Library. Have a great summer!

Websites/Stay in Touch

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School Info: 530 E. 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5W 1P3 | (604) 713-8938

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