We NEED Treasurer – Who We Are 2018/2018 Exec

We are a few keen volunteers, and would love more help at any time! We are seeking a co-treasurer *now* b/c Tracey will be leaving the JO family end of 2020. Want some overlap. Treasurer job really only 4 hours per year.

Often, secondary school PACs are small. But we can make school and the school experience better for all with just a little participation. Plus we have a good relationship with the school admin and are very well informed.

We welcome help / input / questions from all parents + guardians at JO in any and all programs! If you have feedback for us, we’d love it! We try to make our events fun + informative + worth your time.

Co-Chairs – Sheril Gelmon /  Ramandeep Kaurminhas

Treasurer – Tracey Santos   seeking someone to share job ASAP!

C0-Secretaries – Jo-Ann Gordon  / Wendy Sinclair 

Website/Email/Social Media – Lara Spence

Purdy’s November Fundraising – Sheri Wiwchar  

Fundraising/Projects – Jennifer West  

DPAC Liaison/Advocacy – Suzanne Smythe   


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