Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

At the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, students engage in hands-on lab activities, coastal and forest excursions, and lessons led by the BMSC staff on topics including ecology, local geography, climate and climate change, marine biology, biodiversity, and conservation.

Students reside in a dormitory setting with meals provided, and have access to several learning facilities at this world-class teaching and research facility located on the outer west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.

In the Fall of 2015, our grade 9s and 10s visited the BMSC; learning experiences included oceanography, rain forest ecology, marine mammals studies, invertebrates lab, intertidal zone surveying, species-at-risk studies, and visiting the West Coast Trail at Pachena Bay.  Some students were even fortunate enough to see a black bear and a pair of humpback whales on this trip!










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