Commenting Guidelines

We know that good commenting skills are essential in the world of blogging. After all, blogging is really about having and maintaining conversations with other people online.

After spending some time getting used to commenting on our own class blog, we established a class commenting protocol that set out to accomplish 7 main goals. Whether we’re commenting on our class blog, each others’ blogs, or other blogs outside our class, we always keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. Maintain a positive and respectful tone to minimize the chance that words can be misinterpreted

  2. Acknowledge what we read to show we value the effort and content that others have put into their posts before we add new information

  3. Add details to support our ideas

  4. Begin or continue the conversation that grows out of a particular post

  5. Leave a question to allow others to add to the conversation later

  6. Ensure our class blog (or later individual blog) address (URL) is left to encourage others to return and comment on our posts

  7. Protect our online identity and personal information

Please let us know if there are more guidelines that can be useful to us or if we need  any reminders about following any of them. We know that effective commenting is a learning process and help and guidance along the way is appreciated.


Jaki Braidwoord (url: