Hello Division 19 and Families!!

I miss you all so much. It is an interesting time in our world. Many things have happened and many things have changed. As we move into this distanced home learning format, please be aware that there will be exciting new opportunities to learn in a new and different ways. We will make this happen together! We will be patient with ourselves and each other as we learn how best to do this. I will be adding updates here, and through TEAMS.

This blog will be a place where parents can see what we are working on so that they can help you with it.

TEAMS will be a lot more interactive. It will be the place that you can ask me questions, chat with each other, submit assignments, and generally interact with the new way we are doing “school”.

There is always good old fashioned email too if you are not feeling like you want to deal with TEAMS yet. jjmcdonald@vsb.bc.ca