Grandview High School of Commerce

Address: East 1st Avenue and Commercial Drive

1927 – 1950

The history of this school begins in 1913 at Britannia High School with the opening of the Britannia High School Department of Commerce. It consisted of two classes. By 1932, the Department had expanded to 9 classes, located off campus at the old Grandview School building.  In 1932, the Vancouver School Board ended the Department’s connection to Britannia High School and reorganized the classes as a separate school – the Grandview High School of Commerce. In 1950, the school was consolidated with Vancouver Technical High School. The old Granville School building was demolished in 1954.


Grandview before addition

Photo credit – City of Vancouver Archives.



Photo credit – City of Vancouver Archives.


Grandview after addition

Date: ?     Audrey Pears, Class 6, Grandview High School of Commerce (Teacher: Mr. Clarke). Audrey is on the second row from the bottom – first person on the left. Photo donated by Marjorie and Peter Grey.