Walter Moberly

1000 East 59th Avenue


Named for Walter Moberly (1832-1915), Canadian explorer and builder of the Cariboo Road.

Opened in the Wesleyan Church, on 17 August 1877 as the first elementary school in the Municipality of South Vancouver. Unable to remain open for any length of time until 1880 due to a lack of students. The first school building, at Marine Drive and Fraser Street, was known as North Arm (1886), then Simon Fraser (1925), Captain Cook (1928), and Moberly Annex (A) (1930). The present site was opened in 1911. Burned on 23 June 1945 and reopened in 1946.



Photo credit: City of Vancouver Archives





Date: 1950 (?)     Miss Norman’s Grade One class (photo donated by Maxine Adam nee Fox)