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Hello students Term 3 Learning from a Distance

Hello students!

Please check here regularly to see if your class has a new post. We are going very slowly as we navigate this new way of learning. To begin it will be important for you to set up a schedule and To Do list for daily homework. Try your best to set up a space for you to work where you aren’t going to be disturbed. The resources you need will be posted here.

Your classes in Teams  are the place to get assignments from now on. Please make sure you connect with your class regularly and view any assignments that may be posted. I will be preparing weekly ATTENDANCE ASSIGNMENTS for you to turn in by the end of each week. It’s your job to submit it by Friday of each week or you will get a call from the office. We are all navigating this together and updates will be coming. I’ll keep you posted!

Ms. Raab  🙂

Some useful information & Updates:

Update for the week of April 14/20

The general CHAT pod is currently unavailable for students in TEAMS. Within your classes you can still post out to the group/teacher for questions and comments on assignments. I will update you with any changes to this…



If you are having difficulty signing into Office 365 & Teams, your VSB learn password may have been changed by the school. If this is the case, the temporary password right now is John Oliver Jokers

*you need to try to sign in to your account, then immediately change your password to whatever you like. Type the temporary password exactly as it is above* You will need your PEN number(found on report card)

Introduction to teams for our students:

The above video explains the corona virus pandemic, please watch! FYI the video below helps explain why handwashing is important, particularly now…please watch!

The following links may be helpful to parents regarding internet access, financial barriers and emergency fund:

6. VSB Acceptable Use of Technology Policy, please read:


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Tools to support learning in class and at home

To view the class video on current topics, go to either:


download the App on your device: Khan Academy 

To access math videos, do a quick search by using the general Search in Khan Academy. Type in the search bar, only the key words from the title of your activity. Watch it several times! 🙂

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