Video Evaluation form

*Please hand one of these forms in for each of the videos you watch.



Title Of Video: _______________________                                Name:__________      Bk_____


  • Did you connect to the work of this Photographer?  Why, or Why not?
  • Describe the historic and cultural milieu the photographic live in.
  • What was the main subject matter, or genres of this photograph?
  • Did the photographs images have an emotional impact on you when you first saw them? What emotions did the photograph trigger in you?
  • Do you think the photographer was successful in translating these thoughts into a visual form? What aspects of the photograph lead you to this conclusion?
  • How would you describe the photographer’s style to someone whom had never seen one of his, or her, photographs?
  • Why or why not would you have one of his. Or her. Works on your wall?