Monumental Yum!!!



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Here we go…

By this time I hope you have all chose a monument to work with.

If not…

Monuments around the world

Got one???
Ok, Sketch it out. [One-page sketch]
Now try and define the details and artistic touches of the monument. [one Page full of sketched details]

Once you know what ornamentation, decoration, design elements

it is time to go on to part two!

Take a look at these Cakes and guess what Monuments they are!!!


“CAKE, Cake, cake for the morning bread!”

Now here is where the FUN begins.  Take the design elements from your monument and ‘Mash’ them up with a cake design and let see some edible architecture. ..or whatever you cook up!

Now build you Cake with the design and aesthetic ideas and elements you see in the monument.