Monumental Yum!!!


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Here we go…

By this time I hope you have all chose a monument to work with.

If not…

Have a Glimpse at the Famous Monuments of the WorldThese bloopers are hilarious

Got one???
Ok, Sketch it out. [One-page sketch]
Now try and define the details and artistic touches of the monument. [one Page full of sketched details]

Once you know what ornamentation, decoration, design elements

it is time to go on to part two!

Take a look at these Cakes and gusse what Monuments they are!!!


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“CAKE, Cake , cake for the morning bread!”

Now here is where the FUN begins.  Take the design elements from you monument and ‘Mash’ them up with a cake design and let see some edible architecture. ..or whatever you cook up!

Now build you Cake with the design and aesthetic ideas and elements you see in the monument.