Course Activities

On this page, you will find a list of the projects and activities we have engaged in as well as the items you are required to submit for marking.

Term 1:


So far this year we have been reacquainting ourselves with line and value drawing. Our first project was working on Leaf studies.

Leaf drawing assignment

  • Each student will need to have at least ONE leaf study in their sketchbook for marking.

Our second project has been “1,2,3 a drawing technique project”.

1,2,3 a drawing technique project

  • Each student will need to have All Three 5×7″ still-life drawings glued into their sketchbook for marking.


We will start a project that I have been saving for a couple of years- I really wanted to wait until I had a bunch of motivated students who appreciated drawing- I am grateful you are HERE!!!.  The project is an homage to Georges Seurat and his beautiful charcoal drawings.

Mass value drawings with Georges Seurat

  • keep at least three of these sketches (5×7″) for your sketchbook- please glue them in.
  • For your ‘good copy’  you can choose to hand in one large work(18×24″) or three medium works 8.5×11″

October 1st 

Writing assignment A:  (please answer in your sketchbook near your 1,2,3 drawings)

  • What were the learning objectives in the ‘1,2,3 project’?
  • What can you now do that you couldn’t before?
  • What letter grade would you give yourself and why? (think about, achievement, use of time, and your persistence)

October 3:

Today we spent our class time engaged in loose value drawing.  8 stations from self-portrait, drawing still life’s, to landscapes.  My intentions were to build on the intro to our next project, as well, as giving you time and opportunity to start practising and exploring loose value drawing.  I know some of you did not take to today –  over the course of your schooling, you have been asked or wanted to on your own, to make drawing that were precise, tight, and realistic.  I’m not asking for that type of representation now.  I’m looking for something deeper.


October 5:

value drawing stations.


October 7

caligrafic tree and straight line face drawing.  Then combining the two styles into a face drawing.

Calagrapgic tree

Calagrapgic tree

Face using only up and down marks or lines and wrist pressure.

Face using only up and down marks or lines and wrist pressure.



***Please take pictures this weekend!  Make sure you revisit the project for clarity!!!


Writing assignment B:  (please answer in your sketchbook near your last day’s sketches)

  • Before we start the next project please write down what you think the learning objectives are for the ‘homage to Georges Seurat’ project.

Oct 12 (CP day)

Writing activities A&B

Time to glue things into Sketchbook

Portrait with Value on special paper w/text

Oct 17

Now that your photos are taken and printed Her are a couple options:

If you are competent drawing, draw your image out on the chosen size of paper and begin.

if you are a draw’er inprogress follow the steps below:

  • Crop to the image to make the best possible use of Positive and Negative space.

Then grid into like size boxes.


Once compleate do a few small drawings to get the used to it (using the boxes to give you incites into where each element idn on your drawing) then go bigger!


Each time you draw it out draw your grid lines lighter and lighter.  I reall don’t want to see them in your finished copies.