Lesson Plan for Friday Jan 10



Blocks 1&4 guitar rm 140

please keep kids in room.

warm-up 10-15 minutes
Juniors can work on their Individuals songs in their groups.
seniors can work on their small group songs.

There are 30 guitar.  I recently had one stolen…  so there should be no space open at the end of class  Please check at the end of class. I will leave 8 tuners and 3 capos out for students to use.  Please count them in at the end of each class before students leave.

Blocks 2 art rm 301

we are currently on a graphic novel/comic project.  kids are working on their good copies.  Please ensure that the one needle is returned to the plastic container with red top. (Basket on green table cloth-covered table.

Block 3 library

please see ms walks for any urgent tasks.

you are welcome to shelve books and help where needed.  Precious, my CS student, should continue with taping subject headers to the front of the stacks.


Thank you and Enjoy!