Lesson plan for May 21

Good morning!


First block rm. 303. Media arts.

Students are just starting to work on the final project.  By the end of class they should have a blog post with the following:

A general idea of their video
Picture of their storyboard (can be rough)
Anything they might need help getting.

*If done they can start work- taking pics, videos or watching tutorials on Shotcut (the editing program we are using.)

The second block
is in the clay room, the room right before you go down the stairs to get to the guitar room.  (First flor- ask the office for directions).

Last class to finish up the old project before Bisque firing.

If they have finished the last project, or finish this class they can work on the next one:

The Human form in 3D

It’s a project based on the human form, the recall of strong personal emotion, and the way in which it translates to body position/form/emotional conveyer…

Most students were in class for the handing out/lecture of the project, and know they need a page of small sketches and a medium size draft. If they were not there for the handing out of the assignment or don’t have the sketches and draft, please give them time to catch up.  If you can try and explain the project to them a bit so the ‘get it’ I would appreciate it!  IF ready to go they a can get clay and start working the piece up.

If they need clay, there are boxes on a low shelf near the middle table as you enter the room
Please allow time for clean up.

Students know where everything is and how to clean up… the room should look like it does when you walk in, except for the floor which the custodian will mop after school.




Blocks 3&4 Room 140 Guitar!!!

students should have their songs printed out and they can start practising.