For anyone who is considering attending a mini school, you will be interested to know that Tupper is hosting an information night.   The mini school website below has a lot of very useful information including the DATES that you need to complete the application process.   Many of these dates are the same for any mini school.      Check with each mini school you are applying to about The message below is from Lorenzo Iameo – Tupper’s Mini School Director.

Sir Charles Tupper Mini School is hosting our open house this Monday, October 17th from 7-8pm in the auditorium. It is an opportunity to learn more about Tupper Mini and how to apply to VSB alternate programs. REGISTRATION for testing and applicant intentions is from November 5th – 13th. All information is on the VSB website and our Tupper Mini School Website

All grade 7 students (and grade 6 for those planning ahead) are welcome to attend with their parents and guardians. There is a helpful Q and A section in addition to sample schedules.


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