Janice Lee Blue Wave Bursary

Are you, or do you know an amazing BC youth who will be entering their first year of higher education and has faced mental health or substance use issues?

Apply for the Janice Lee Blue Wave Bursary!

2 awards available, $750 each
Deadline to apply: May 31, 2017
Learn more about the bursary and eligibility requirements here.

The Janice Lee Blue Wave Bursary honours the legacy of Janice Lee, an 18-year-old who struggled with depression and anxiety for six years and took her own life in 2006. The following year, Blue Wave was created by her family to help break the silence around mental illness in teens and to provide support earlier.

The vision of the Janice Lee Blue Wave bursary program is to invest in the resilience, wisdom and potential of young people and to reduce some of the barriers during the major transition from high school to higher education.

Letter from a 2016 bursary applicant

“I know you are tired of hearing all types of people give you advice on how to “work through” your anxiety and depression. You may feel like no one understands what you are going through, but there are people who do. If you can relate please also understand that there is a way back but it requires you to dig deep, to reach out for help and to keep reaching until someone listens.

Depression shows itself in so many different ways so do not let someone talk you into believing you are “just sad” or “hormonal,” be persistent and get the help that you know you need.

I remember when I finally felt the correct medication start to kick in I felt less foggy, less angry and more hopeful. You can feel this way again too but it starts with the first scary step of going to the doctor and admitting there is a problem.

I found that decreasing my stress level, getting the correct amount of sleep, exercising regularly and eating properly has allowed me to manage my stress which in turn helps with my mental health issues and ultimately gives me a sense of hopefulness.

My hope for you is that you find this balance too!”

While financial supports for higher education are in great need for many students, bursary and scholarship opportunities can be difficult to become aware of. You can play a part in having these funds reach the youth who can benefit the most.

Ways to get involved:

Share on social media

Sample post: Applications for the Janice Lee Blue Wave Bursary of $750 now open until May 31. Apply today!

Decorate your spaces

Put up posters around your school, office or community space.

Email bluewave@cmha.bc.ca for posters or online promotional materials.


Did reading the bursary description remind you of someone you know? Share the bursary opportunity with that person!

Wild About Vancouver Outdoor Education Festival

Wild About Vancouver Outdoor Education Festival

April 22nd to 30th, 2017

This free outdoor education festival offers a variety of events and learning opportunities that encourage getting children, youth and adults outdoors more regularly.  This ‘festival’ takes place at locations all around Vancouver and is put on by the community for the community.

Check with your school Physical Education Dept to see how you and your school is participating.

There is also VOLUNTEER opportunities if your school is not hosting an trip or event.  check out the website for more information.


SOAR Scholarships for Vancouver Students

SOAR Philanthropic Society is a local youth led non profit organization that will be giving out over $25,000 in scholarship funds to local graduating high school students. The scholarship funds will be for the following 12 categories:

  • Academics
  • Adversity
  • Athletics 
  • Community Engagement 
  • Community Leadership
  • Culinary Arts
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Health & Mindfulness 
  • Skilled Trades
  • Social Justice & Law
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Visual & Performing Arts

Students can apply at www.soarps.org, where applications are available, along with information of past recipients, and other projects SOAR does for local youth.


We’re seeking the next crop of SOYL youth! If you’re entering Grades 9 – 12, join Fresh Roots for a unique 7 week summer employment and leadership program. Based out of the Vancouver Technical and David Thompson Secondary school farms, SOYL empowers youth to steward schoolyard farms for learning, community building and growing Good Food for All.

 Through their time with SOYL, youth develop skills in growing, cooking and selling food, as well as a greater connection to themselves, their community, and the Vancouver food system. Youth also earn a $600 stipend, community service hours, and can receive VSB credit for their contributions.

 So this summer, dig into something good! Visit freshroots.ca/soyl to apply today. Applications close May 1!

Do you know any youth that could benefit from spending the summer outdoors in a supportive community, earning money and growing themselves and good food on school farms? If so, please help us spread the word about this unique opportunity and support any interested youth to complete their application, by visiting freshroots.ca/soyl or emailing soyl@freshroots.ca by May 1.

Bursaries for the UBC Phenomenal Physics Summer Camps

This summer we will be running our popular Phenomenal Physics summer camps once again. We would like to make about 16-20 places available this summer to children who are exceptionally interested in science, but would not ordinarily be able to attend due to financial reasons. I therefore invite you to nominate from your school one or two children (currently in grades 1-9) who would most benefit from this program.

Full details of the camps can be found at http://outreach.phas.ubc.ca/summer-camps/camp-descriptions and the children may select the camp of their choice – we will try our best to accommodate their preference. The children’s families will incur no cost but they must provide packed lunches and be able to bring the children to UBC campus between 8:45-9:00am in the morning and pick up the children at 4:00pm in the afternoon on each day of the camp. The children must be well-behaved (we have no capacity or training to deal with behavioural problems). These children will be treated in the same manner as everyone else and will not be identified in any way.

Please reply by April 30, 2017, using the attached Bursary Volunteer Application 2017, submitting by website form, email, post or fax. Due to high demand, children who have not been offered bursaries in the past will receive priority.We reserve the right to make our own selection from the nominations received. We also require that this nomination process be initiated by you, the Principal (in consultation with your teachers), and not by the child’s parents. Those awarded the bursary will be contacted directly by the end of May. Due to the number of applications we receive, we will not contact parents whose children are not awarded.

Last year, we received more than 40 applications, so please ensure that the parents are aware that this form is only a nomination form, and not the final acceptance into the bursary program.We will contact you if the child is selected for our program.

Download Bursary Volunteer poster 2017 only

Download Bursary Volunteer Application only

A Capella Science – The Surface of Light

7:00pm on Thursday April 6, 2017

UBC Physics & Astronomy and the UBC/TRIUMF IsoSiM Program present “This Is Not A Lecture – an evening with A Capella Science‘s Tim Blais.”

From “The Surface of Light!,” to “Bohemian Gravity,” to “PLUTO MARS: Outbound Probe,” Tim Blais’ popular YouTube channel A Capella Science blends science and pop music into entertaining and educational creations. Drawing inspiration from Weird Al, Bill Nye, Mike Tompkins and Vi Hart, Tim’s science-parody creations are 100% originally recorded and made out of unaltered sounds from his mouth, throat and vocal cords.

At this fun and engaging event, Tim will perform songs from his channel, both solo and with the aid of the audience and his old Vancouver A Capella group (“Acapocalypse“). He will also share his own experience as a science graduate student and an independent new media artist, and offer some observations about science culture.

About the performer/speaker

Tim completed his Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics at McGill University. Starting out as a side project because of his love for music, his first YouTube video “Rolling in Higgs” now has almost 800K views; Scientific American blog suggested the video as possibly being “the single most comprehensively nerdy endeavour ever conceived.” This experience prompted him to continue his venture, creating more science-themed YouTube videos. Merging a capella, science, and pop songs, Tim became a YouTube sensation – his most popular video, A Capella Science – Bohemian Gravity!, has almost 3 million views to date.


Digital Media Summer Bootcamp (JULY)

The Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC is offering an innovative summer camp for high school students this July, called Tomorrow’s Master of Digital Media Program (TMDM).

We started offering the camp in 2008 and typically attract students who are interested in the video game industry or those who have artistic or technical talent.

Financial aid may become available to students who require financial support.

TMDM’s mission is to attract more students into STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) based studies and to engage youth in both educational and career opportunities in Vancouver’s vibrant digital media industry.

BC Parent Magazine_Annual Family Resource Guide_TMDM

Past news on summer bootcamp – https://thecdm.ca/news/digital-media-summer-camp-teens