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Thursday Feb13th

Math 9: chapter 4 review all questions

Pre-Calculus 11: section 5.4 # 1-5 left side and #8 all

Calculus: page 205 # 3,4,6,8  (feel free to complete them all, if you like) . Collab. assignment due March 2nd. Complete all word problems and 5 graphs (g, h, b  or c, and choose two more). Each graph must be done on a new page, with all steps clearly marked. Max 2 word problems per new page.

Wed Feb12th

Math 8: mandatory work: finish worksheet (Graffiti on one side and Collision on the back)      optional: complete page 177

Math 9: chapter 4 review all questions left side of the page

Mon Feb10th

Math 8: finish both sides of the worksheet; finish section 5.1 in case you didn’t finish for today. Make sure you show all steps!

Math 9 block 2-4: Worksheet due next class.( I will collect it ) Correct the quiz. You may rewrite the quiz on Wed. during tutorial.

Wed Feb5th

Math 9 block 1-2: section 4.4 # 1-7

Pre-Calculus11: section 5.2 all questions

Calculus: page 203, 207 and 208. We will work on page 205 next class. Check the notes for today. You can find them under Calculus, class notes