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Important Dates for VDSF 2019

[Last updated: Oct. 19, 2018]

Forms & Resources 

NEW VDSF 2019 brochure | General info about VDSF, how to register, ethics and safety guidelines

NEW VDSF 2019 parental permission form | There are 2 forms per sheet (1 per partner if the project was done in pairs). Teachers should keep completed forms in a secure place like any other fieldtrip form. Do not bring these forms to VDSF.

Ethics approval forms and guidelines can be found on the Ethics Approval page.

Wondering how projects are evaluated at VDSF? See the judging rubrics on the Info for Judges page.

[Last updated: Oct. 19, 2018]

Frequently Asked Questions


How many projects can I send to VDSF?

  • VDSF is capped at 160 projects due to space restrictions. Quotas are in place to give every school the opportunity to be represented.
  • Each school has a maximum number of projects that they can send, based on the total number of projects completed by all participating classes at that school.
TOTAL # of projects completed at your school (includes independent projects): ≤ 30 31 – 60 60 – 90 > 90
MAXIMUM # of projects your school can send: 8 15 20 30

How should schools decide which projects to send to VDSF?

  • Most schools hold an in-house competition or decide by department consensus. Don’t forget to take any independent projects into consideration as well.
  • Besides the quality of the project, consider the student’s personal interest in attending. Would they benefit from presenting their work to judges and attending breakout sessions? Are they available that evening?

Under what conditions would a project be ineligible for VDSF?

  • Project done by a group of 3. Projects must be completed by 1 or 2 students only.
  • Incomplete project. Projects must by complete at the time of registration.
  • Missing ethics approval. Projects involving human or animal test subjects (surveys included) should submit a formal request to the regional ethics chair and include supporting documents. See the Ethics Approval section.
  • Display does not meet safety guidelines. Refer to the VDSF Safety Checklist (updated for 2019).



How much time should I budget for students to register for VDSF?   

  • VDSF online registration opens January 18, 2019 and closes February 20, 2019.
  • Students typically take a week to complete their registration (longer if they need ethics approval).

I am sending a project from my class. What is my role during VDSF registration?

  • Direct students to the Register for VDSF page. Make sure they know the deadline. Both partners must have completed their registration before a project can be accepted.
  • Direct students to the Ethics Approval page if their project involves human or animal test subjects. A teacher supervisor’s signature is required on at least 1 form.
  • Have students complete the VDSF 2019 parental permission form. Collect these and keep them in a secure place as you would with any fieldtrip form.
  • Monitor your students’ registration status by checking the online spreadsheet.

I have a student with an independent project who wants to go to VDSF. What do they need to do?

Is there a way to tell if students have successfully registered for VDSF?

  • Students should check their registration status by logging into their account on the registration website.
  • Teacher supervisors will receive an e-mail giving them access to an online spreadsheet (updated nightly) that shows the registration status of each student.

One of my students registered for VDSF, but is no longer attending. How do they cancel? 

The student or their teacher should notify the VDSF coordinator right away. Please do not wait until the last minute to back out as there may be a waitlist of students hoping to get into VDSF.



What is the GVRSF?   

GVRSF (Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair) is the next level of science fair competition after the district fair and the precursor to the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF). You can visit the GVRSF website here.

When and how do students register for the regional fair (GVRSF)? 

  • A student must be named a finalist at VDSF in order to qualify for GVRSF. Finalists will be announced at the awards ceremony and posted on the registration website here.
  • Students then have 4 days to register for GVRSF online. A signature form and registration fee are also required. More info about the registration process can be found here.

Can a student register for the regional fair (GVRSF) without attending VDSF?

No. A VSB project must place as a finalist at VDSF in order to qualify for GVRSF. There are no exceptions, not even for independent projects.



Am I required to supervise my students at VDSF?

  • Yes. At least 1 teacher from your department should be on site during the fair (this can be divided into shifts amongst colleagues).
  • Please report to the MC table in the gymnasium upon arrival. Depending on when you are there, you may be attending breakout sessions with students or providing general supervision. You can also be a judge! See the next question.

Can teachers judge projects at VDSF? 

Yes, but you may not evaluate projects from your own students. To learn more about how judging works, see the Info for Judges page.

Will teachers have free parking at Langara? 

Yes. Interested teachers can request free parking for the evening by submitting their license plate number to an online form. A link will be sent to participating teachers the week before the fair.

What time does _________ happen at VDSF?

Please refer to last year’s schedule on the What to Expect at VDSF page.

Are visitors allowed at VDSF?  

  • Yes. Parents and friends are welcome at the Science Show and awards ceremony.
  • Visitors may tour the projects in the gymnasium, but the judges have priority. If a student is in the middle of presenting their project to a judge, please wait off to the side or go see other projects first.

[Last updated: Oct. 21, 2018]