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VDSF 2018 brochure

VDSF 2018 Parental Permission Form | There are 2 forms per sheet (1 per partner if the project was done in pairs). Do not bring these forms to VDSF; keep them in a secure place like any other fieldtrip form.

NEW maps of Langara campus — gymnasium, cafeteria, Science & Technology building

Ethics Approval Guide (low risk human subjects) and Ethics Approval Guide (high risk human subjects) | These handouts are printed versions of the Ethics Approval page.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many projects can my school send to VDSF?

Number of projects completed by students at your school (includes self-directed projects): ≤ 30 31 – 60 60 – 90 > 90
Suggested maximum: 8 15 20 30

My school does not participate in science fair, but I have a student who wants to register for VDSF with a project they did outside of class. What are my responsibilities as their teacher? 

You do not need to evaluate the project, but you do need to verify that a) the project is the student’s own work and b) the project meets ethics requirements. You should also have the student fill out a VDSF Parental Permission Form.

If you have any reservations about signing off on the project or would like more specific guidelines, please e-mail juchan@vsb.bc.ca

Can students register directly for the regional fair without participating in VDSF?

No. All VSB students must go through VDSF and be one of the finalists in order to be eligible for the GVRSF. There are no exceptions this year.

Am I responsible for supervising my students while they are at VDSF?  

Yes. At least 1 teacher from your department should be on site during the fair (this can be split among multiple teachers). Please report to the MC table upon arrival in the Langara gymnasium. Depending on when you are there, you may help conduct safety checks or accompany groups of students to their breakout sessions, or provide general supervision. You can even help judge projects from other schools!

NEW: Teacher chaperones, please complete the online form that was sent via e-mail on Feb. 9. This is the same form as the one used to request free parking.

Will I be able to get a parking pass?   

Langara no longer issues parking passes. However, free parking is available if you submit a request through the online form (link provided via e-mail) by February 22.

Is there a way for me to check whether my students have completed their registration?    

Yes! Participating teachers were e-mailed a link to a spreadsheet that shows which students have signed up and which part(s) of registration they have completed. This spreadsheet is updated nightly. If you did not receive access, please e-mail juchan@vsb.bc.ca.

[Last updated: Feb. 18, 2018]