VDSF Winners

Congratulations to everyone who participated in VDSF 2018!

List of VDSF 2018 finalists

If you are a VDSF finalist, you have earned a spot at the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair. Please refer to the GVRSF registration info flyer for information on how to register. Registration deadline is March 6th at 3PM. 

UPDATE: GVRSF 2018 results are in!

See how VDSF finalists did at GVRSF this year

 GVRSF division award winners | Special Award winners | Grand Award winners

GVRSF grand award winners will represent the Greater Vancouver region at the Canada-Wide Science Fair taking place May 12-18 in Ottawa.


District certificates were delivered to finalists through their schools just before Spring Break. VDSF 2018 finalists also received a button pin at the awards ceremony. Special thanks to Marie Sarabia for the design and Six Cent Press for the printing!


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