What Is the Vancouver District Science Fair (VDSF)?

The VDSF is a district-wide event where students from all over the city gather to share their projects.  Any Grades 7–12 student attending a Vancouver public school is eligible to participate in the VDSF.  There are no prizes awarded at VDSF. Instead, finalists earn a spot at the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair (GVRSF) which is held every April at UBC.  

Students invest considerable hours designing and conducting their scientific investigations, which often cover a wide array of topics. Along the way they develop a more personal understanding of the scientific method and become more scientifically literate. VDSF provides students with the perfect environment in which to showcase their work and connect with other scientific minds. Students can expect to receive valuable feedback from VDSF judges which can help them finetune their presentations for the GVRSF. When they aren’t presenting to judges, students are attending hands-on workshops in Langara’s new state-of-the-art Science & Technology building. These breakout sessions are always a big hit.

The judging and workshops allow participants to interact with other students and members of the scientific community that they might not meet otherwise — industry professionals, graduate students, college faculty, even school trustees. For some students, VDSF will be a stepping stone to the regional and even Canada-wide science fairs. For others, VDSF is the finale to their science fair project. Either way, VDSF is a positive experience for all participants.