Birthday and grad year not imported for some students

Andy of Follett is informed.

Teachers Patron info

Could be separate or combined with students. Patron type needs to be assigned appropriately. Also need barcode in the records.

Teacher and staff is yet to be identified.

Teacher and staff inform shall be coming from Tony. Barcode information source is to be identified.

Awaiting further discussion with Tony’s team

User Defined Fields

Lacking of guidelines on use of these customizable fields poses potential conflict in future.  Norma Rose Point has already been using User Defined Fields #5 for PEN# and the label of the field has been changed to PEN #.

Larry has suggested MLS to use the top few and individual site can use the bottom few.  In Norma Rose Point’s case, it is already a conflict as PEN# is likely to be identified as district maintained data.

Import Process

Andy has mapped data based on students.csv generated by Connie. The file includes ALL fields including empty ones as described in Follett’s documentation. A daily import job is setup (11pm).

Import process will ADD and UPDATE patron information. It WILL NOT DELETE patron from the system. A plan is needed to deal with student who: (1) had left the district and (2) switched schools.

To explore and investigation: How the import process work in different scenarios. For example, deleting content of a field vs updating content of a field. How should the upload data file be constructed? Is it something our programmers should do? Can this come from MyEdBC?

DATA upload General Understanding

Schools will go live in batches. But upload will be with full data. Larry has recommended to extract and upload everything instead of by school.

General Plan: Before upload, wipe all data (pending confirmation: impact on circulation records). Then upload full extract. This will take care of the copies deleted from Horizon.

Schools that go live in March WILL NOT receive new book until everybody switch to Destiny in July. MLS is NOT double cataloging in both Horizon and Destiny.

Changes made in Destiny at site level could be overwritten in subsequent upload even after the school has started using Destiny for real.

Any other pros and cons of this plan shall be noted.

Upload authority records. Priority High.

We do currently have authority records in Horizon but they were not included in the Follett upload last time. In Follett we can use Bibliographic headings but cannot edit them. For example, we cannot add See references. We can only use See and See Also references  with authority records.

Questions: Can we import our authority records?

We shall test extraction of authority records for importing.

Audrey is to follow up with Archie regarding upload of authority records.

There is a process for heading update. See record is not being used in many other districts. Ask Sirsi Dynix to delete subfield $9 (ENGLISH/FRENCH) from tags 100, 111, 130  from our authority file before submitting it to Follett.

590 tag

Currently 590 tags containing the words ENGLISH or FRENCH display in Follett as “Additional Info.” These are  old tags that we don’t use anymore, we don’t need them or want them to display.

Drop the tags 590 ENGLISH and 590 FRENCH from the next uploads.


(1) MLS will do this for all upcoming uploads using Marc Edit. We will delete all 590 and 591 tags. OR

(2) Ask Sirsi Dynix to remove 590 and 591 tags from extract profile


This collection is for all sites. Problem arises when search is limited to one site. Enabling cross-site search is not practical because it will bring up all copies from other libraries that the student cannot borrow.

Questions: Can copies be created once for all sites?

Awaiting further information on how to deal with this.

Subfield e conversion

MLS has edited subfield e of the 55 items in question to less than 60 characters in length.  During conversion the content of this field need to be inserted in Volume Info fields in specific fashion, pending further discussion and finalization.

Fill all Description fields with a period.

Fill subfield e over 3 Volume Number fields.

The result is ugly looking Description on search result. The actual volume information will not be entered properly. However the content in subfield e is preserved and displayed on search result.

eBooks not coded as eBooks

For MARC records with subject heading “655 EBOOK”, set these records to “material Type: Electronic Book (eBook)”.  There are 515 MARC records to be changed.