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SS 10 Hwk April 27

Please read pg.201-204 and create 4 summaries:

  • Constitution Debate
  • Meech Lake Accord
  • Charlottetown Accord
  • Referendum of 1995

Due Date: May 1 Monday

Please only complete ‘Review of Chapter 8’ (handout) terms up to pg 204 and not past this page…..please find the definitions only.

Canadian People: #1-9

Canadian Events: #2,3, 5-8,11,12

Canadian ideas: # 1,3,4,5,7,9

Due Date: May 1 Monday

SS 9 Hwk April 27

Please read pg. 139-146 and create 2 webs: “The Metis and The Colony of the Red River”

Due May 1 Monday

Please complete maps: Hudson Bay and NorthWest Fur Trading Company 1820 …… pg 131/133

you must include trading posts and highlight rivers in blue….

  • include a Legend / Title and North Arrow
  • the Legend should include: rivers and trading posts

Due May 1 Monday 

SS 10 Hwk April 25

Please complete question package for Ch. 8 “The Canadian Identity: One, two, or many Nations ….”

Also, read pg. 194-198 create webs for each heading:

  • Trudeau and Quebec……
  • The October Crisis….
  • The PQ in Power….
  • 1980 Referendum…..

Due Date:  April 27 Thursday 

SS 9 Hwk April 25

Please read pg 130-136 (Ch. 4) “The NorthWest in 1800″……

Please create your own notes; Main Idea and Supporting Details…….

Due Date: April 27 Thursday 

SS 9 Ch. 2 Test April 25

Test Chapter 2: Anything from Chapter 2 can be tested ……

Some things to review in the text and your notes/questions:

  • Understanding the Church during Victorian Era,
  • Victorian outlooks, obsessions, entertainment, medicine — surgeons, 19th century transportation, newspapers,
  • 1846-47 — Repealing of Corn Laws, Lord Elgin’s actions
  • Rebellions
  • advantages and contributions to Confederation
  • Manifest Destiny, ‘loose fish’, ‘representation by population’
  • political parties/ leaders
  • ‘double majority’
  • purposes of Charlottetown Conference, Quebec Conferences
  • Fenian Raids
  • BNA Act: Provincial/Federal responsibility

Date: April 25 Tuesday

SS 9 Hwk April 19

Please read pg 80-88 ……..

Be prepared for discussions on:

  • Fenian Raids
  • The Conferences
  • BNA Act: Compare Powers of National Government and Provincial Legislatures

** Study for bold terms quiz (Ch.2 pg 73-88) for

     Friday April 21 **


SS 10 Hwk April 19

Please research current event issues:

  • U.S. — North Korea crisis
  • U.S. — Syria crisis

Via news, internet or articles for a written summary and discussion 

Due Friday April 21 

SS 10 Hwk review questions April 13

Please complete the following review questions for chapter test next Wednesday April 19:

pg. 156 # 2,3,4

pg. 158 # 1-4

pg. 159 # 4,5 

Due Date: April 19 Wednesday 

SS 9 Hwk April 13

Please read pg. 76-79 ‘Advantages of Confederation’ ……

Complete Activity Questions # 1-5 …..

Due Date: April 19 Wednesday

SS 10 Ch. 6 Test

Chapter 6 Test outline:

Matching: please know these key people and their significance.

Gouzenko, King, St. Laurent, Pearson, Khrushchev, Johnson, Trudeau, Mulroney, Dallaire, Bush ………


Identify these acronyms:



Identify/define the following:

Team Canada missions, Asian Tigers, “Star Wars” plan, globalization, perestroika, Operation Desert Storm…….


U.N. vs, U.N. comparing structures and powers

Diefenbaker vs. Trudeau — reducing global tensions

Date: April 19 Wednesday