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It is still not too late to be thinking about your next steps to #yourfuture


So you have waited and held off thinking about what is happening for you in grade 12 or beyond Grade 12.  You have avoided your school counsellor and hoped that it will all just go away… well it doesn’t have to be hard & you don’t have to do this alone.

The Vancouver School Board has you covered working with industry partners, Post-Secondary Schools and Institutions, Colleges and Trade Schools, as well as School Counselors to help you on your next steps.

The District Career Information Advisors are also on hand to support you.
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Vietnamese Youth and Professionals Mentorship Program

Chương trình Mentorship Thanh niên và Chuyên gia Việt

The Vietnamese Youth and Professionals Mentorship Program (“VYPMP”) was founded in 2012 with the vision to allow Vietnamese Canadian youth to shadow and learn from already successful Vietnamese Canadian industry professionals.

VYPMP’s purpose is to shed light on all of the success that has happened thus far to other Vietnamese Canadian adults who have chosen to complete their education and build a worthwhile career. This program is to emphasize the value of education and to encourage youth to avidly continue in order to achieve their future goals. The mentor-mentee partnerships are created between Vietnamese Canadian youth (ages 15-18) and successful Vietnamese Canadian industry professionals with 5 to 10 years of experience. The intent is to foster a Big Brother/Big Sister-like relationship where mentors can guide, share experiences and stories, and answer career related as well as “growing up Vietnamese” specific questions that sometimes…only another Vietnamese Canadian can answer. 

If you are interested in participating please visit www.vcsavancouver.com/mentorship/application to fill out the application and send your resume to kim.nguyenyp@gmail.com.


YVR Art Foundation


The YVR ART FOUNDATION is pleased to announce a Call for Applications from BC and Yukon First Nations artists interested in applying for Youth or Mid-Career Artist Scholarships.
The YVR Art Foundation is now accepting applications for the
2017 Youth Scholarship and Mid-Career Artist Scholarship awards for
BC and Yukon First Nations artists.

Each award is valued at $5,000. Up to seven YVR Art Foundation Youth Scholarships and up to two Mid-Career Artist Scholarships will be awarded. Youth Scholarship recipients will be brought to Vancouver for an awards ceremony and their art work will be exhibited at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for one year.

The deadline for applications is Friday, January 27, 2017.

Eligibility and criteria for the two scholarships include:

YVR Art Foundation Youth Scholarship
Eligible Applicants:

  • Are of BC or Yukon First Nations ancestry
  • Reside in BC or Yukon
  • Be between the ages of 16 and 26
  • Are emerging artists who create visual art that reflects BC or Yukon First Nations’ culture
  • Have the goal of becoming a professional artist
  • Are accepted to study with a mentor or at a formal institution of learning
  • Commit to attend the Scholarship Award ceremony in Vancouver on May 26, 2017 and the ceremony in recognition of the completed work, one year later, on May 25, 2018

YVR Art Foundation Mid-Career Scholarship
Eligible Applicants:

  • Are of BC or Yukon First Nations ancestry
  • Reside in BC or Yukon
  • Be age 27 or older
  • Create visual art that reflects BC or Yukon First Nations’ culture
  • Wish to further their art careers and/or extend their work into a new scale or medium
  • Have completed basic art training
  • Have achieved local and/or provincial recognition through public presentation of their artwork
  • Are accepted to study/work with an master artist; at a formal institution of learning; or on a special project that is of cultural significance to the artist’s community
  • Are able to submit a portfolio of artwork that demonstrates the artist’s commitment to their practice

For more information on the YVR Art Foundation and to apply for the scholarships go to the Foundation website: www.yvraf.com/programs.

Prestige Awards – University of Calgary


Did you know that early admission applicants are the first to receive their admission letters? It’s true! The early admission deadline is Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016 so you still have a few days to finalize and submit your application.
Aside from the bragging rights you’ll have if you receive early admission, it can also literally pay to apply early. That’s because the deadline to apply for our high-value Prestige Awards is also Dec. 15, 2016. As soon as you’ve applied for admission, you’ll be eligible to apply for our awards and scholarships.
So what are you waiting for? Apply for both admission and our Prestige Awards today!
Prestige Awards Deadline – Dec. 15 
If you’ve submitted a fall 2017 admission application, you should also apply for scholarships and awards. Keep in mind that you’re able to apply for awards and scholarships even before you’ve received an offer of admission.
The deadline for our Prestige Awards is Thursday, Dec. 15 so you still have a few days to apply! By completing one online award application you’ll be eligible for:
  • Prestige Awards – valued at up to $61,800
  • President’s Admission Scholarships – valued at $5,000
  • High School Awards and Bursaries – valued at $8,500
Visit the Office of the Registrar website for more information on our entrance awards.
 more information on University of Calgary

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