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Vancouver High School 1890 – 1908

March 16, 2019

 (L) Vancouver High School (1893 – 1904)     (R) Vancouver High School (1905 – 1908)   (All written passages are taken from THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS – VANCOUVER HIGH SCHOOLS 1890 – 1940, published by the Vancouver School Board in 1940.) PART ONE             TEMPORARY HOMES: Central School; a two-room wooden [...]

Fairview School of Commerce

February 28, 2019

History of the FAIRVIEW HIGH SCHOOL OF COMMERCE to 1940.                                                                                                                                           Author: Mr. W. K. Beech, M.A. (Queen’s), Principal of the Fairview School. [...]


March 19, 2018

Vancouver ‘s Open Air School was operated by the Rotary Club.   The first “Open Air” schools appeared in Germany and Britain in the early 1900s. They were seen as playing a key role in eradicating tuberculosis, an often fatal lung disease. Proponents of Open Air schools believed (wrongly, as later research showed) that [...]

The Early History of Britannia High School: 1908 – 1939

February 24, 2018

      This history Of Britannia High School was published in the school newspaper in four installments during October 1938 – May 1939. It is a remarkable story of challenges met, disappointments overcome, traditions celebrated. The contributions of beloved teachers and student heroes are described in detail. The tone is, by [...]

The Vancouver School of Art – A Brief History

January 3, 2018

    Looking south from Victory Square towards Block 37. During 1925 – 1980, the Vancouver School of Art occupied several different sites here.   Timeline: 1925:   The Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts opens on the top floor of the Vancouver School Board (VSB) building at 590 Hamilton Street. 1926:   Charles [...]
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