Painting dandelions in March

Gardening and cooking

Over the last couple of weeks, students helped to build a greenhouse, prepare beds and plant seeds. We are growing pac choi, gai lan, and a mesclun lettuce mix for spring eating.

Students have been cooking up a storm at Sunset Community Centre: chicken adobo and rice, banana pancakes, muffins and cheese scones…


Music Therapy Class

Singing, instruments, dancing!

Here is a video, click and download: IMG_1319

Painting flowers

On Monday, we painted flowers in hope of spring coming soon!


Martial Arts Class at Sirota’s Alchymy

Work Experience

GTA students at work at Sunset Community Centre yesterday!



Bocce ball on a sunny day!

On Tuesday, Dec. 5th we ventured outside to play bocce ball and basketball. It was a lot of fun!


GTA Student Participates in Culture Crawl

Kage participated in an art installation called ‘Uplift’ that was part of the Eastside Culture Crawl last weekend. People wrote things that uplifted them on tags that were then attached to helium balloons.

Kage said he helped by filling balloons with helium and cutting ribbon.

Kage says he likes the balloons the best. He wrote the names of his dogs on his tag.



Bowling this morning!

Halloween at Gateway!