Bio 12 Final and Good byes/Congratulations!

The final exam is 100 questions, the last 16 are on Reproduction.

The Excretion test has a long answer section to it, you might want to focus more on how kidneys are regulated by Aldosterone and ADH; how they regulate the ph of the Blood; and general anatomy of the Urinary System.

Test, this Thursday in class.

Block 2.3 is still writing their Final Exam, Wed June 14th in the morning (no Wonder Woman as you all suggested ):

Have fun tonight at the Chan Center. Your family’s must be so proud of you guys! Will miss you, take lots of photos.

Science 10 RADIATION and Disposal of Nuclear Waste

Controversial and thought provoking ~ Is Nuclear Energy the Answer?

Remember buy and support independent film (purchase The Uranium Drive In for a good look at the human element to Uranium Mining)

And for a recent update around Japan’s March 11th 2011 Megathrust earthquake, magnitude 9, where nearly 16,000 people died and a nuclear power plant was left scrambling to contain their waste:


Brain Dissection Info and Due Date

bi12 5 brain question for dissection lab2 <—— click on brain questions

bi12 brain dissection writeup <——- click on this link

Apparently you can just right click the image data below, and open in a new tab.

Each student must hand in their own lab “write up”. See the images below for details.

Due Thurs May 18th. Sorry for the sideways action!

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PS ~ Fetal Pig Lab is May 23rd and 25th. Please plan on attending both classes.